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MA-91A Seafire (Now Version 2.0)

Designed at the same Verpine colonies that built the B-Wing, the Seafire is a highly advanced experimental fighter, designed to fight in anything from deep space to deep ocean. The fighter was originally supposed to utilize a complex thruster system that would allow the pilot to control the direction and trajectory of the craft independently of one another, giving him the ability to perform complicated maneuvers while firing in virtually any direction. However, the ship has proven to be too complex for most species to control successfully, and a new, simpler version is being designed, although with a noticeable reduction in performance.

This zip file contains complete exterior and base opts (although I may add an LOD later on) and a simplified cockpit made from the exterior to stand in while the full cockpit it being made. The cockpit model is nearly done, but no textures have been made for it as of yet.



















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