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Recently I started a monster of a task: Making opts of each and every one of the U.S.S. Enterprise ships seen in the various Star Trek Series (except for the new show, Enterprise). It's going to be a monstrous project, likely to take several years unless I get several months with nothing to do. I was able to finish 2 ships, the NCC-1701, and NCC-1701-E in a period of about six weeks, but that was a fluke. I have an untextured NCC-1701-A, but it needs to be reworked in some places.

You can download these two for now, but be warned: the Enterprise-E is almost 5000 faces, and until I finish the LOD it will probably cause quite a bit of slowdown. Other than that, have fun!


The old Constitution Class NCC-1701. Captain Kirk's first command. There were several vessels of this type, but the Enterprise seemed to be the only one that could ever seem to survive anything. Any time you saw one of its sister ships, they had either been destroyed, or horribly damaged.
Captain Picard's newest command, and the Federation's flagship, the NCC-1701-E. This state of the art ship is already famous due to its role in preventing the Borg from successfully assimilating Earth in its past, before the Federation had been formed.
















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