Wing Commander Opts

These opts were included in the Wing Commander Total Conversion, which, although it never quite reached initial expectations, provided a multitude of new opts to use in any type of crossover mission you could think up. Since it's been released though, you can now download the three ships I did separately.


This ship was the most advanced fighter at the end of the Terran-Kilrathi War. This opt is modeled from the cutscene graphics of Wing Commander 3, and replicates Colonel Christopher Blair's cloak equipped Excalibur, which he flew on the mission to destroy the planet Kilrah.

This opt uses a form of s-foil manipulation that allows it to visibly cloak when the s-foils are closed. However, in order for this to work, the ship must be placed in the B-Wing ship slot.

I am currently reworking this opt to include a cockpit and exterior, and to fix several of the texture and meshing bugs that were in the first version.


The hornet is a light fighter from Wing Commander 1, best suited to simle patrol and escort duty.
This was actually my first fully textured opt, and now that I've had more practice, I am redoing it. Check the Opt Progress page for a peek.


The Scimitar was actually my least favorite ship in WC1. But it takes on a new light in 3D. It is well armored, however, the extra armor plating slows it down considerably.

This one is also being redone, although I don't know quite how I'll do it yet. I do plan to make the ship more rounded overall, and add more detail in the cockpit and engines.


These downloads all contain .shp files for use with MXVTED, as well as the opts themselves. If any bugs are found, don't hesitate to notify me, as I haven't used these particular files in quite a while. I may move to xmod format later on, but I have yet to figure out all the specifics of making them.



















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